Review Policy

The books I choose to review here are typically obtained one of two ways. I’ve either received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley or a publisher’s publicist (this will be noted in the review) or I’ve purchased it myself.

At this time, I am NOT accepting requests for reviews. When/If this changes in the future, I’ll update this page accordingly.

You’ll likely notice a link at the end of the reviews to purchase the book through Amazon. I am an Amazon Associate, and earn a very small percentage off each order placed through the provided links. While you’re certainly not obligated to shop through Amazon for these books, if you do choose to do so, clicking through to Amazon from this site’s direct links can help me generate funds to continue my writing and to help keep this site up and running. I know plenty of readers prefer to shop through other avenues, and I certainly encourage the support of local independent bookstores. In short, shop at the stores you enjoy! If that happens to be Amazon, know that you’ll be helping me out some, too. And if not, well, that’s OK too. However you choose to support these authors is cool by me. Just consider this a friendly FYI.

Additionally, these reviews will be cross-posted to Amazon. You can check out my reviewer profile, and if you think my reviews are helpful (or not) feel free to vote accordingly. You’ll also see a few, briefer reviews there that did not make their way onto this site for various reasons (mostly relating to time, inclination, or brevity of the review).


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